Why you should invest in Budget Flats at Kochi?

Budget Flats

When it comes to looking for budget flats Kochi emerges as a premier location that is perfect for individuals, small families and families with kids as well. Strategic location, stunning destinations at a stone’s throw away, numerous government and private projects offering a number of employment opportunities, and availability of a large number of residential properties in the budget – there are many factors that are leading to its immense popularity in the real estate sector.

Another perk of living in Kochi is that you find people from multicultural backgrounds. Kochi has citizens hailing from various states and countries, which allows for the development of a culturally rich experience.

Furthermore, people can find a better job and education opportunities here. All these features make the place one of the best options for people looking for buying residential properties for a living.
Here we discuss some of the best reasons to buy flats in Kochi. So, if you are planning to buy residential properties in Kerala, we recommend reading the following post and then make the investment decision.

Reasons to invest in budget flats in Kochi


Kochi is located strategically in Kerala, near many amazing places to visit and explore with family and friends. It is well-connected with major city roads, and the residents can easily find multiple means of transport for local commute. There are many places that offer fantastic opportunities to relax and unwind with the family, such as Cherai Beach, Kakkanad, Fort Kochi, Edapally, and Thripunithura, etc.
It is often touted as the best city in Kerala that is safe for women as well, and you can find many women travelling to and from work during late-night shifts as well. The crime rate is low and you can enjoy a peaceful life here.

Basic Amenities and Public Infrastructure

Kochi is home to some of the most reputed schools in India, and there are a number of international schools and educational institutions that provide top-quality education. With Info Park and Smart City, Kochi has turned into a futuristic IT hub and offers several job opportunities as well.
When it comes to public infrastructures, such as hospitals, Uber services, and supermarkets, etc., Kochi offers a plethora of options to choose from. The city is well-connected via the city-wide Metro network, and there are many modern places to shop as well, such as Lulu Mall.

Builder Projects

The recent wave of real estate development in Kochi is making the city all the more suitable and perfect for people looking for residential properties. There are a number of reputed builders, such as Skyline builders that offer a large number of properties to choose from. You can also find read-to-move-in flats, apartments, independent villas and villas in gated communities as per your budget and personal preferences. They Recently Launched Flats in Kochi under 50 Lakhs, Skyline Pixel.
With a large number of reputed builders offering multiple residential properties in different parts of Kochi, many people are also considering it a perfect place to retire and settle. Kochi is also one of the most popular tourist places in Kerala that are visited by thousands of tourists every year. So, you can also buy flats in Kochi for under 50 lakhs, and use them as shared accommodation for travellers or for couch hopping etc.

Reselling and Maintenance is Easy

While a spacious mansion or big house sprawling over acres with attached assets, might be just a dream come true for you, they prove to be a drain on your finances in the long run. They require hefty maintenance and are hard to resell, in case you wish to relocate or sell them.
Budget apartments are easy to sell and easy to maintain even if you are no longer living in them. Hence, investing in a budget apartment is a better decision as compared to a big house.

Budget apartment costs are easy to bear and EMIs don’t hurt

When you invest in a big house, you have to take a big amount of loan, which means you have to pay a large sum towards monthly EMI and that the loan tenure will be long as well. A budget apartment is more affordable and is easily available in between INR 30 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs. Hence, the loan EMI is considerably smaller and loan tenure is also shorter.
6. Budget apartment is a better investment decision
As compared to gold, stocks and other investment decisions, a budget apartment is way better, as it is safe, secure, and is less vulnerable to market risks. While the other residential properties are less steady and vary as per the market changes, budget apartments stay more or less at the same prices generally.
Now that we have gone through the various reasons for investing in budget accommodation, let us move on to take a quick look at the various things you must consider while buying a budget apartment.

Things to consider while buying a budget apartment:

  • Location of the apartment
  • Neighbourhood and availability of local transport
  • Price of the property
  • Maintenance charges
  • Amenities available
  • Size of the property and size of the family
  • Registration of property

We recommend investing in a property that is built by reputed builders. This has various advantages, such as:

  • No issues of land disputes
  • No frauds
  • No issues of disputed properties
  • Quality construction and proper amenities available in and around the property
  • Proper documentation
  • A large number of options to choose from
  • Modern and utility-oriented floor plans

We hope that this write-up proves helpful for all our readers and they actually realize that buying a budget apartment is a smart and intelligent investment decision.


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