Why You Should Never Use A Dripping Geyser


Ever witnessed a geyser blast in real life or movies? It’s mindboggling, isn’t it? But as far as how intriguing it may appear, the amount of destruction it leaves is almost unmatchable. So, geysers shouldn’t be used at high risks in your house, commercial property, or anywhere. And having said that, one of the biggest reasons a geyser blast happens is due to dripping geysers.

Using dripping geysers can be extremely risky. According to a recent survey, an apartment in the South African state got completely devastated, i.e. its walls, nearby furniture, and even the ceilings got worn out, leaving these elements almost unrepairable.

Therefore, contact the professionals of dripping geyser in Bellville if you experience even a minor sight of an unwanted geyser water leak. Furthermore, read the blog to learn more risks a leaking geyser may have in store.

Risks Of Using A Leaky or Dripping Geyser

#1: Risk Of Toxic Gas Exposure

Another harmful thing about dripping or leaking geysers is exposure to toxic gas. It will affect your health, and you may end up getting sick too. Therefore, if you experience any leakage, don’t ignore it and immediately contact the experts.

#2: Unpredictable Explosions

There are chances of an explosion happening anytime with leaking geysers. It happens because of the water pressure.

#3: Damage To The Entire Plumbing System

The plumbing system is another victim of a dripping geyser. You won’t even notice how the leaky water system will hamper your entire plumbing system. It means that your plumbing will be at high risk of damage, leading to costly repairs.

#4: Unstable Pressure

When you have a leaking geyser, the pressure in the system becomes very unsteady. It means that your water pressure won’t be consistent, and it will keep increasing until it destroys the pipes too.

#5: High Water Bills

When your geyser starts leaking or dripping, it means that you are losing water even when nobody is using it. This isn’t good for your pocket because the more water you lose, the more money wasted on your water bills.

#6: Damages To Wooden Floors

When you use a geyser, the most important thing is water pressure. But when your geyser starts to drip, it means there’s something wrong with its pressure system. The direct result of this would be damage to your floor. Over time, it will destroy your carpets or tiles and make them unusable.

#7: Damage To Furniture And Walls

We all know how intense water pressure can be. If the water pressure was high, it could even damage your furniture and walls. It’s for this reason alone that you should get a leaking geyser repaired immediately.

How To Avoid The Risks Of Dripping Geysers?

1) Avoid Using The Geyser When It Is Leaking

Even if your geyser doesn’t show any leakage, avoid using it when you see the tank is heating up. This is because there could be slight damage to it which can worsen with time and lead to an accident.

2) Contact A Professional Of Dripping Geyser

If you see any leakage, immediately reach out to the experts of the dripping geyser for repair. If your geyser is damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one with better safety protocols.

3) Regular Inspection

If you want to stay safe even when your geyser is not in use, make sure to do regular inspections of it. It means checking the pressure valve and tank daily to ensure that they are working correctly. Also, check other components like pipes etc. Once done with the inspection, switch off all protocols for safety.

4) Get A Geyser Which Is Leak Proof

If you are looking for geysers, then it is advised that you get a leakproof model. This will protect your home and belongings from water damages and also the risk of gas poisoning.

5) Keep Your Geyser Clean

We also advise keeping your geyser clean after every use. This means cleaning the tank, dials, etc., off any debris or sediments that could cause damage over time. The best way to keep it clean is by using a soft cloth with water only to rub it down well.

6) Get A Geyser Which Is Pressure Efficient

In addition to getting a leakproof geyser, you should also get one that is pressure efficient. This means that the pressure present in your tank will be strong enough to give you full power, but at the same time, it won’t explode due to excess water pressure.

7) Keep The Electricity Off After Use

It would help if you never had the electricity on when the geyser is used for water heating. This means that you should always switch it off after use and then limit it from automatically getting switched on.

Therefore, if you experience any leakage or warning signs of a dripping geyser, right away, contact a professional. On this note, you may consider Hams Plumbing Solutions for instant plumbing service anywhere near Eerste River, South Africa.


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