Willing to build a basement bathroom in your house? Follow these tips

Willing to build a basement bathroom in your house

During home improvement, different people may choose different styles. While some want their house to look like a mansion, others may want to transform the exterior house completely. Many house owners like to install new additions, while others may want to remove a fixture.

People wish to improve their homes for several reasons. Usually, people like to install new additions to increase the price of the house. As a result, when people sell their properties, they will get a very good price. One such price enhancing addition to your house is the basement bathroom.

If you are also willing to add your house, start working on your property from today without wasting any time. However, prior to that, you must follow some tips so that the home improvement will add desirable value to the property.

5 tips to follow while building a basement bathroom

Any home improvement will undoubtedly add value to the property, but at the same time, the property owner must have to spend a huge amount of money.

After beginning the construction, you may find the entire process quite expensive, but you must think about it before time.

So, if you want to install a basement bath but wish to complete the entire cost within a particular range, then follow these tips.

  • Select the right place to avoid extra expenses 

No, we suggest you choose another place instead of the basement. Rather it is a piece of advice that selects a proper place inside the basement. Water pipelines are also necessary whenever you want to build a basement bathroom. If the bathroom is the opposite of the existing one, it will cost you a high amount.

This is because to offer water service into the loo again. There needs to fit water lines. On the contrary, if you select a place just beneath your house’s existing washroom of your home, then with very low expense, everything will be completed. Besides, there is no necessity to spend money on water pipelines again.

  • False ceiling is the best idea 


The ceiling of your bathroom should not look messy and old. To give the entire restroom a complete look, it is better to install a new celling. Perhaps you think you can install another celling while there is already an existing one. If you contact any interior designer, he will give you the same idea.

Install a false ceiling. It will also be made up of wood but will not look like wood. Instead, the look will be completely different, and you can hardly create a difference between the existing ceiling of your house and restroom celling. Besides, being a false ceiling, you need not spend a huge amount of money.

  • Install laminate floors 

If you have a high budget, then only shift to a wooden flooring system. Instead, it is better to install laminate floors, and both laminate and wooden will keep the floor warm and comfortable during winter. Besides, you need not think about the water soaking problem.

Laminate also soak water as soon as the wooden floor consumes water. But installing a wooden flooring system in your basement bathroom will cost a huge amount of money. However, if you still wish to install a wooden flooring system but do not have financial stability, apply for loans with bad credit from direct lenders.

  • Select a vintage mirror 

Without the presence of a mirror, a restroom looks incomplete. In order to complete the look of the loo, you can use a vintage style mirror, and it will enhance the entire look of the restroom.

Many people may install cheap-looking mirrors just to fill the restroom requirement, but it is better not to fill the gap with such below grade materials.

Instead, a vintage mirror will look not only wonderful but also not so costly. So, go for a beautiful vintage mirror for the basement bathroom without any worry.

  • Create a small bathing zone

Usually, basement bathrooms are small in size. So, it is impossible to keep any bathtub in such a restroom. But you can easily create a bathing zone by covering a particular part of the restroom. Fix a shower inside the partitioned area and enjoy two different regions, even in the basement restroom.

While separating a bathing zone with glass may cost you a little high, on that note, you can easily partition it by using a waterproof curtain instead.

5 basement bathroom interior decoration ideas

bathroom interior decoration ideas

  • Use wall sticker 

If you want the bathroom walls to look beautiful, wallpaper is the best option. It will not cost you a very high amount on the one hand. On the other hand, the restroom will no longer look like a loo. While choosing the wallpapers, try to select something charming.

It is a bathroom so try to use deep coloured wallpapers. The shine and colour of the wallpaper will remain the same for a long time.

  • Use cube style tiles on the wall 

Instead of using wall stickers, you may also use cube style tiles on the loo walls. It will look beautiful and offer a traditional look of the restroom. Cubical tiles come with a golden border that transforms the restroom’s entire look.

  • Keep some greenery 

Why don’t you create an environment-friendly ambience even inside the basement restroom? Just fill one corner of the restroom with a small plant, and it will offer the look of completeness as well as relax your eyes.

  • Use large shades to cover lamps 

Instead of using an ordinary light, utilise large glass shades to cover the lights of the restroom, and it will offer a completely new look and light up the entire loo.

  • Do not forget to install a small cabinet 

Even it is a basement bathroom. Still, it requires a small cabinet to keep some essential bathing materials. So, install a small bathroom cabinet.

These are some critical restroom decoration tips that you must follow while planning a restroom in the basement of your house.


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