Winter Proof your Home the Right Way


There is nothing that makes you feel more at peace than snuggling into blankets with warm delicacies in the sweater weather. But we cannot disregard how big of an inconvenience the winter weather can be, especially when you have to get out of bed and get things done. Sure you can dress warmly to help yourself but there is much more needed to save your house from turning frosty. This calls for restructuring your house into a Winter-proof haven to keep you safe from the cold and help you enjoy the weather instead of enduring it.

Here are a few ways to secure your house from the chilly climate outside.

  • Insulated Windows, Doors, and Floors

Do you keep wondering where the cold wind is entering your house even with closed windows and doors? Wind sneaks in through the cracks and crevices in windows and doors. Getting insulated doors and windows will keep the cold air out and ensure that the warmth of your house does not escape.

It’s well known that heat loss occurs due to a lack of flooring insulations. This can be prevented by covering up our floors with rugs, blankets, and carpets. Make sure to seal the gaps and cracks in your flooring with a silicone-based filler as well.

  • Insulated Tanks and Pipes

Avoid having to rewarm your water multiple times by installing water tank jackets and foam tubes as a cover that will keep your water hot for a longer duration. It is a one-time investment that will save you big bucks in energy costs for the long run.

  • Thermostat regulation

A boon to the colder nations, a thermostat controls the temperature of your house. Set the thermostat at the most comfortable temperature which generally goes from around 18 to 21 degrees. Remember to turn off the regulators in rooms that you do not use and shut the doors tightly so that the warmth does not leak to these rooms. Also, consider a thermostat that comes with a timer so that you can turn it on in advance instead of raising it to a higher temperature to receive a rapid warm effect. This will help in minimizing the energy that is taken up by the thermostat.

  • Upgrade your old boiler

Consider replacing your old boiler with a new one if it is more than 6 years old. Such an upgrade can bring a drastic change in your heating bills putting aside the upfront cost. Your best bet should be on a modern condensing boiler as they are equipped with an efficiency of 95% as opposed to the 60-70% that the older models offer. It is also substantial to keep the boiler serviced at regular intervals by a technician to keep it running smoothly. You can choose to go for a combi boiler, which are much better and upgraded versions of the regular boilers. The best part about these is that they are enhanced, cost-effective and the combi boiler installation is rather easy. 

  • Keep the Curtains Shut

We talked about windows, another way to keep the heat inside is to have double-glazed windows. If that is not available, invest in some well-built curtains, blinds, or shutters to put on when the sun goes down. But remember to keep them open when the sun is out and about. This will allow the heat to enter during daylight and allow it to remain inside and not escape through windows in the evening and night. The thicker the curtains, the better would be the heating effect they bring about. This is a great temporary method for places where the weather changes often as you can switch to lighter curtains when the climate is warmer.


Winters can be scary and painful, the chills leave you uncomfortable and cold. It is necessary to winterproof your home the right way for an easy life as well as your survival. 


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