With Concrete Floors – Make Every Room Appear Cooler!


Concrete floors were always considered as old school type fit only for isolated rooms (mudrooms, garage spaces, etc.). But they are making a very impressive comeback recently and can be seen even in lavish setups and modern opulent interiors. The reason – concrete gives economical but impressive-looking floorings. They even tend to last longer than many other flooring options. So, if you are thinking of adding concrete to your home, know the right décor techniques to make it look impressive.

How to make your concrete floor look impressive in all types of rooms?

If you are yet to install concrete in your home, then you have the option to either keep these basic or go for colored or exposed aggregate types. And if it’s already present, but isn’t as impressive as you would want it to be, opt for concrete grinding services via GrindWorks. They handle concrete wonderfully well and would make your concrete floor alluringly attractive. Concrete grinding along with polishing has the power to make your old floor look new and shiny again. But if you are laying concrete afresh, you have many options to play with to add drama to your décor:

  • Blend it well with nature

No matter how much we polish or stain the concrete, it exudes a rustic feel. That is why it blends very well with such similar materials. For example – concrete looks beautiful in a room resplendent with indoor plants, go for earthen shades on the wall, and simply let the natural sunlight in. Now step back and admire how the cumulative effect makes your room appear refreshing and pleasant.

  • Stick to the minimalistic concept

When you are adding concrete proudly to your rooms, there is no need to hide them. That is why you need not crowd the room to camouflage the presence of concrete. Rather, you can simply go for a minimalist concept which definitely complements very well with concrete floors. Just the necessary furniture and a focal art piece would definitely exude a sophisticated charm.

  • Complement with the décor theme and art forms in the room

Your concrete floor can be in various colors in any room. So, you can make a décor theme or art form the central idea and then mold the concrete accordingly. For example – In a nautical-themed room, you may add the broomstick effect on the concrete floor or stain it in the color of the sand or sea or stencil it with ocean-related motifs – and voila! Your room has a designer appeal.

  • Let it flow in the space

One of the most impressive ways to create magic in your home with the help of concrete is to install these floors seamlessly in the house. By this we mean opting for the same color and type of concrete in the entire house — that is, from your exteriors to the interiors even in the bathroom, etc. Not only will this make your home appear bigger, but it also creates a homogeneous feeling.

These ideas have the power to make your concrete floors appear attractive and look mesmerizing in any setup. Do you have more ideas? We would love to hear them too! 


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