You can fail a home inspection. Here’s how.


A home inspection in Nebraska is a must when buying a house. It gives you a detailed insight into the true condition of the house, based on which you can make an informed decision. For sellers, home inspections are an exam they must pass to close the sale. However, these 10 things could fail a house in a home inspection.

  • Basement moisture: Moisture in the basement is almost unavoidable; every house has it. However, not fixing it at the right time with the proper fixes can cost you a home inspection. The reason for failing the inspection is the potential problems moisture can cause—mold and spalling concrete.
  • Faulty HVAC: Problems with the HVAC system result in a variety of health hazards. From polluting the indoor air to affecting the temperature in the house, the effects are plenty. Therefore, issues like cracked ductwork and flue pipes can easily fail a home inspection.
  • Problematic roof: As roofing materials age, they can deteriorate and cause leaks. This can be a deal-breaker for most buyers and a big red flag for a home inspector. Therefore, any sign of roof damage can fail the inspection.
  • Attic moisture: Moisture in the attic is yet another red flag for a home inspector. When the attic is not given sufficient ventilation, moisture buildup is a natural consequence, which in turn causes mold and mildew growth.
  • Electrical problems: Depending on the state you live in, the house’s electrical wiring must meet certain standards. The lack of this can definitely fail your house during an inspection. Issues like over-fusing are common red flags.
  • Rotten wood: Rotten wood is the sign of water damage, moisture buildup, and termite infestation. Home inspectors look for rotting wood during the inspection and will fail your house if they find any sign of wood damage.
  • Security snag: While security systems may be checked during the inspection, what can fail a home inspection is the lack of basic safety measures like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, door locks, and windows.
  • Foundational issues: Some of the common foundational issues include cracks in the walls, doors that fail to latch, and jamming doors and windows. If an inspector finds these issues in your house, your house will fail the inspection.
  • Plumbing troubles: While small plumbing problems like faucet leaks are often present in homes, they don’t cost you a home inspection. What will fail your house is the major problems like clogs and slow drains.
  • Errors in masonry: Problems with masonry often indicate structural issues in the house. Some of the common problems include cracks in the chimney. When discovered during a home inspection, these issues can fail your house.


Passing a home inspection is not hard if you have been maintaining the house properly. With timely repairs, you can easily avoid some of the major issues listed above that fail any home inspection. If you think you haven’t been diligent with repairs and maintenance, you may want to conduct a pre-listing home inspection to increase the odds of a successful sale. 


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