Your Ultimate Guide to Sell a Plaster Home!


So, you are probably worried about selling your plaster home. Well, in fact you should be! If we compare with the weatherboard houses or the brick homes, selling a plaster-home is actually quite difficult. The buyers would definitely hesitate to purchase a house that has plaster cladding in its exterior making it very vulnerable to water and moisture. But, remember, every property has a buyer! The trick is to find the one!

Tips to help you get a buyer for your plaster-home soon!

Well, selling a plaster home is possible if you are patient and wise enough and abide by these tips:

  • Repair any cracks or issues in the cladding or plaster — If you intend to sell a house that’s primarily cladded with plaster, you should at least have this primary material in its best condition. And the best way to ensure this is to check if the cladding or any other part of the house requires any repair. If the cracks are prevalent, call experts from Total Paint for interior plastering in Auckland and also for repairing or renewing the cladding if necessary. They are the best professionals in this task and provide the quickest services in town.
  • Paint the claddings (even the house) — We know you’ll have to spend a good sum for this, but you’ll have to take this step to make your house an enticing option for the buyers. As it is people normally don’t invest in a plaster home because it lasts for only twenty years or so. But if you are presenting it in a plate with a presentable façade, who knows, they might get enticed!
  • Get a house report — Your buyers will definitely want to know each and every detail of the house before buying once they know it’s a plaster cladding home. So, why don’t you provide them this report? Remember to hire a reliable and licensed inspector for the job and get a proper report. Just ensure to get the house nicely repaired and maintained before the inspectors arrive for the job.
  • A report from the municipal council — A report from the municipal council confirming that the property is strong, in good condition, and can bear the change of weather is actually a relief for all the buyers. Get this report for your house too and let them be assured of its toughness and durability.

After making the house seem enticing and getting all the proof that it is not a bad investment, after all, you have to do a few more things. Get a nice house broker for the job, provide this person a nice commission for the job rather than advertising for the place. (They’ll be more convincing than any advertisement of the world in such a case.) Remember to also be realistic and practical with the price you set and put up a big “for sale” board in your front yard. With all these tips, you’ll surely find an eager buyer to accept your plaster home with open arms soon.


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