Detailed experience steps of herbal planting and artificial outdoor artificial tree DIY matching


       if you’ve always wanted to grow fresh herbs, but you didn’t necessarily like the way they look in your own greenhouse, today’s diy project is for you. in our all-new introduction to plants, we walk you through the process of combining fresh herbs and artificial tree plants in planting to create amazing results. in less than ten minutes, we’ve created a beautiful seeding method that not only provides you with fresh cooking ingredients, but also adds an inviting appeal to your patio or patio.

 combining artificial outdoor artificial tree plants and real plants

       we love a mix of fresh herbs and artificial plants for a few reasons. first, artificial plants add beautiful color to an otherwise boring herb garden. second, artificial ttree plants have no root systems or nutritional requirements that would compromise the integrity of the fresh herbs themselves.

       when we choose to combine artificial trees and fresh herbs, you can use the same method to combine area plants with artificial trees plants that are not available in your area.

       before we start, you need to complete a few things.

       beautiful planter; some soil; trowel; fresh herbs; artificial outdoor artificial tree plants; sowing tools.

       step 1: fill with soil

       like any real plant, fresh herbs need nutrient-rich soil to grow. first, fill your seeding with good quality garden soil. it can be purchased at a hardware store or local nursery.

step 2: planting herbs

       when you’re choosing herbs for your grower, think about the maximum effect you can achieve when cooking. we chose spicy oregano for our homemade pasta sauce and sweet mint for my watermelon and feta salad. if you prefer basil, parsley, cilantro, or rosemary, these will work too.

       use half of the flowerbed to carefully plant fresh herbs. the other half of the flowerbed will be reserved for the artificial tree plants to be added in the next step. one at a time, carefully plant the herbs in the planter. our herbs happen to come from biodegradable pots that can be put directly into the soil.

step 3: add artificial outdoor plants

       the real fun comes from choosing artificial tree plants that speak to you. we opted for a white outdoor tree flower tree to offset the colorful flower beds while providing floral decorations for our pots. there are dozens of artificial outdoor artificial tree plants, large and small, to choose from, don’t limit yourself to this particular tree species. it can easily be swapped out for bougainvillea, textured bromeliads or tropical hibiscus. browse through all of our artificial tree plants to find the ones you want to display along with fresh herbs.

       after selecting your artificial tree plant, use the back half of the pot to hold the serrated plastic rod in place. take a moment to shape the outdoor artificial branches, making sure that you don’t cover or cover the fresh herbs too much.


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