Choose Sturdy Bunk Beds To Make Them Last Longer

sturdy bunk beds

When shopping for a new piece of a bunk bed, paying attention to how it is built and what material is used will help you figure out how well it is going to hold up. You will obviously need to invest in quality and customized beds, especially if you are looking for pieces that can actually withstand heavy-duty use. After all, sturdy bunk beds are not only designed to bring users with the utmost benefits- but loads of other advantages as well.

Handmade bunk beds are designed to bring more durability and stability to the picture. They are specially designed by woodworkers to withstand constant use with the ability to endure heavy work operations. In short, they will be able to handle heavy loads whether you want a bunk bed for kids or adults, and that can certainly mean good news for you.

Wooden Bunk Beds have been used for ages, and they continue to be one of the most popular furniture materials even today. It is known for its strength and can stay in proper condition for decades. One of the most significant advantages of buying wooden furniture is its look and appeal. Plus, the tones and grains of hardwood furniture can bring about warmth and character to any home or room. Wooden furniture is available in three types- solid wood, engineered wood, and veneer wood. You need to make a choice depending on the durability, quality, and budget.

Quality of Wood

Although you can use any type of wood for your bunk beds, not all woods are made equal. That’s why you need to choose it carefully. When it comes to choosing the best wood for your furniture, understanding its properties is a must. One of the simplest ways to distinguish the wood used for furniture depends on the hardness. Both hardwood and softwood are used for everything from structural to decorative purposes, but hardwoods are the best and most durable when it comes to having sturdy bunk beds. Here are some of the basic facts to know about hardwoods:

  1. Hardwood has denser wood fibers as they grow slowly.

  2. Hardwood is durable, less likely to decay and rot comes with a close grain, and requires low maintenance.

  3. Hardwood is commonly used for wooden flooring but is also used in bunk beds for its varied colors, styles, and good fire resistance.

Don’t just go for a Cheap Design!

Joinery plays an important role

The best way to determine the sturdiness of a bunk bed is with the help of joinery. Unless a piece of furniture is carved out of a single tree trunk, it is going to involve multiple pieces of wood. How different pieces are connected to one another is called joinery. If the construction is done correctly, you will end up with a sturdy piece of furniture. Otherwise, poor construction or joinery will result in pieces that are or can become loose and wobbly.

As with any customized bunk bed, you accessorize it with ladders, trundles, storage drawers, and extra safety rails. For the perfect one for adults, you need to check if it rocks or wobbles. If it does, it has poor balance, fitting not in a proper plane, and is not a smart investment for adults.

Part of the reasoning is that kids are hard on furniture, they might jump, bounce, yank and rock the beds, so the more it allows, the sooner the bunk bed may fall apart or collapse. To gauge whether a bunk bed is fairly stable, look at how thick the bed frame is and how it is assembled together and of course, the materials used.

Functional designs work best!

While a standard bunk bed may have two or three beds stacked one on top of the other, the functional ones come with a storage system, study table, trundle bed, etc. So choose as per the requirement of your room. However, bunk beds with added features or setups like built-in desks or bookshelves are increasingly popular options, so that they function as an overall unit. Buying additional furniture adds up to the need for safety checks.

Check for the weight limit

No longer do bunk beds come in twin sizes, they are now offered in full, XL, and even Queen. Before you plunge to choose the one keep your child’s age in mind, but also consider if it will be used in a room to sleep as many kids as possible, or maybe even adults. You need to up-size depending on how many kids or adults you want to accommodate. Plus, the weight capacity also varies from model to model. For instance, the weight capacity for a Twin over Twin is usually within 150 pounds and for a twin over full and full over full it goes up to 400 pounds.

What’s more, you also need to check if the bunk beds comply with the ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for bunk beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513.


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