Factors determining the two-wheeler transport charges by road

Factors determining the two-wheeler transport charges by road

Rides become smooth and easy with a personal road companion, isn’t it? A bike is indeed a loyal road companion. No matter where you go, it is something you won’t leave behind because you much-needed it in an unexplored and new place to roam around. Over the past few years, demand for vehicle shipping has increased due to relocation. It has eventually changed many equations in the moving industry, such as how the industry processes, charges, etc. Here are some of the prime factors influencing two-wheeler transport charges by the road. Take a look:

  • Distance in transit – Distance traveled is the prime factor that specifies the bike shipping process. The longer the distance, the more you need to pay. Similarly,  you will have to pay more for fast shipping
  • Bike model – Do you want to transport a vintage or big bike or a standard-size scooty? The heavier your bike is in size and shape, the more you will have to pay the movers for relocation.
  • Shipping Type – Terminal to Terminal (T2T) and Door to Door (D2D). While D2D is convenient as the company provides the complete service from picking up your vehicle from your current location to dropping it off at the destination, it is costly compared to T2T. 
  • Types of vehicle containers – Usually, auto transport companies offer open and enclosed vehicle containers for their customers to choose from. Open containers are affordable yet exposed to the elements, while enclosed containers provide complete protection for your two-wheeler in transit from theft or other potential harm.

The average bike and car shipping cost range from ₹2000 to ₹15500 or more and ₹4000 to 80000 or more up to 1900 km by road, depending on the above-cited factors. 

Bottom Line
We hope you found the article worth your time. At last, we advise you to request quotes from at least five or more reputable and licensed auto shipping companies for bike or car relocation to compare prices and enjoy shipping at affordable rates.


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