Things You Need to Know Before Buying Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet

close coupled toilet

Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet

A back to wall close coupled toilet is something that we had an innovative form derived from a traditional design but with modern features. When we think about the toilet, we usually have a distinctive design with a bowl and water tank that somewhere has the connection between some gaps. It is an older version of a close couple toilet that most bathrooms had in the past. However, with modern innovation, the manufacturer has a big problem that was associated with this specific design.  That was its bigger structure and requirement of a lot of space. Bathrooms often lack space, and it may not be a good option for them. With this latest design, you can enjoy space-saving, making it suitable for tighter spaces. 

However, it’s not just the only option for a tighter space. You have other options that may even offer a more compact solution to this problem. That’s true, but, in many ways, you may not want to opt for a wall fixing option as it will require breaking the wall to fix the cistern. And there may simply be other reasons for. So, is it a good option for your bathroom? Let’s find out in this article.

How Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet Is Different?

Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet

All toilets offer similar functionalities but in different ways. Their design and few other features make them distinctive from others. A back to wall close coupled toilet has two main parts, just like other counterparts. The first is its pan, and the other one is a cistern or flush tank. It is back to the wall as its tank sits with the wall on its rear. While close couple means the unit has combined with both its parts closely joining to work efficiently. So, why it is a good option for you and what to consider while choosing it is in our next part.  

What Consider While Choosing A Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet?

Here are few things that you should consider while finding the toilet.

Take Measurements.

The first important thing to consider is whether you have enough space to adjust this type of toilet or not. As it is a BTW unit, its cistern will sit along the wall from the rear side. So, you should know if there will be enough gap between the wall and the position where the bowl will sit. For this purpose, you should first take a measuring tape and check the distance between the wall and drainpipe. It will also help you identify the size of the unit that can be installed in the place.

Decide About Shape and Size. 

Everyone wants their bathroom to look beautiful. That’s why the manufacturers offer back to wall close coupled toilet in various shapes. For example, you will have to choose between a round shape pan, square, or any other style. It’s all about your preference and the type of look you want to produce in the bathroom. It should essentially match with other fittings and fixtures. For example, if you opt for a round shape design, you can follow the similar shapes in the sink, bathtub, and shower enclosure (quadrant) with a curved design. It will ensure an aesthetically pleasing modern look. 

Decide about the Features. 

The final step in choosing your favorite toilet is deciding about the extra features. You may find some options with rimless design and dual flushing systems. There is not much difference despite these features. The rimless shape is important as it makes it easier for the toilet pan to keep clean. While dual flushing is great for saving water as you will choose to decide about the amount of water, you want to through in. 

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