How To Go About Choosing The Best Fall Protection Anchor Systems?

fall protection anchor systems
fall protection anchor systems

Research shows that one of the most common reasons of injury or death at construction site is falling from heights. A fall protection anchor system ensures safety of the workers who work on greater heights. This also bring a sense of security to the workers while working.

It is especially important to use the right fall protection anchor systems. Because even if you have a state-of-the-art fall protection system with foot-level tie-off rated energy absorbers, none of this would matter if the anchorage fails. So now, let us learn and understand more about fall protection anchor systems.

fall protection anchor systems

Why Are Anchors Necessary For Fall Protection? 

Now when it comes to fall protection anchor systems, there are two main components: the anchorage connector and the anchorage. The anchorage is the structural element adjacent to the fall hazard which secures the fall arrest system. The anchorage connector is that component to which the anchorage is attached so that a tie-off point is established to which the connecting device can be connected. These two are overly critical parts of the fall protection anchor systems.

Why Would You Go For Fall Protection Equipment Inspection? By

From Visually.

According to OSHA, a thorough survey of the construction site should be done to eliminate any possibility of workplace accidents from falling. If for some reasons the hazards that can cause the employee to fall cannot be eliminated, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent any injury or death. The most common type of protection is anchorage systems.

Things to Keep In Mind While Getting a Fall protection anchor systems.

In order to choose the correct anchorage for a fall protection anchor system, you must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, if you’re using an anchorage, your purpose should be clear before you make a decision of installing a fall protection system. Since here we know that our purpose is fall protection, we already have a head start. Secondly, the materials used in the fall protection system are also important, specifically the materials used in making the anchorage connector. Lastly, the structure to which the anchorage will be attached also needs to be inspected. That is because if the structure is weak, then there’s no point attaching the anchorage there. After all, it will fall off easily.

According to IHSA, which is the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association, there are majorly three types of anchor systems that are used for fall protection:

  • Designed Fixed Support: These anchorage connectors are load rated which are permanently installed into the building structure. The design of these fixed support is as such that are predominately made for fall protection systems. They can be and are made to be used for anchoring work positioning systems, fall arrest systems, and travel restraint systems. If you install a fall protection system like this, it should comply with the industry standards.
  • Temporary Fixed Support: As the name suggests, these are temporarily attached fall protection anchor systems that are not part of a building. They are attached to the building using nails on anchors and/or beam clamps. Since these are temporary supports and are attached for fall protection, they must be installed keeping in mind strict industry guideline.
  • Existing Structural Features: Now, this method tends to include equipment that is not meant for anchorage purposes. This is more of a makeshift anchorage system that is used in case of an emergency. When such an anchorage system is used, it is always important that an engineer checks whether it is safe or not.
fall protection anchor systems


Now you know more or less everything about fall protection anchor systems. These are especially important when it comes to your employees’ safety, which nobody should compromise with!


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